Stories about falling in love.
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      • Songs
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      • Songs
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      • Enviro Aid
      • Lacy James
      • Bender
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      Vocalists Tracks
      Carla Benson 1
      Jeff Harvey 2
      Suz Lake [Picture] 2,3
      Paul Jost 3
      Kelly Meashey & Darrel Hawes (@) Jeff Mulhern 4
      Lucy Malia [Picture] 6, 7, 11
      April Iorio [Picture] 8, 10 Bgd. Vox; 10
      Gordon Haverly 9, Bgd. Vox; 5 & 6.
      Mark Stinger 10
      Leigh Woolston ($) [Picture] 12, Bgd. Vox; 10 & 12 Percussion; 10
      Susan Mammarella [Picture] 13, Bgd. Vox; 10 & 12
      Wayne Urffer Bgd. Vox; 10 & 12
      Brian Bortnick 14

      Musicians Tracks
      Angela Falco Piano, Flute; Keyboards;1,2,3,5,6,7 and 13
      Ted Greenberg [Picture] Drums, Perc. and Programming; 1,2,5; Bass; 5
      Dan Levinson Real Strings, Programming & Keys; 1,2,3,4,5
      Tom Basmajian [Picture] Drums; 6,7,9, Percussion; 5,6 & 9
      Jack Klotz Jr. (^) Electric Guitar; 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12; Acoustic Guitar; 6,7,13; Electric Bass; 12
      Bob Karsch ($) [Picture] Electric Bass; 6,7,8,9,10,11; Organ; 11; Keys and Bgd. Vox; 10.
      David Fecca [Picture] Electric (Lightning) Guitar; 8,10; Bgd.
      Electric (Lightning) Guitar Vox; 10.
      Rusty Crowe Drums; 8,10,12; Percussion; 10,11
      Stephan Rossmeisl [Picture] Electric Guitar; 9,11; Acoustic Guitar and Bgd. Vox; 12
      Eric Sales (L) Electric Guitar; 2
      Joe Mekler [Picture] Percussion; 7
      Rob Marcinko Electric Guitar; 9,11
      Greg Stoffa Acoustic Guitar; 10
      Jim Becker ($) [Picture] Electric Guitar; 10, 12
      Rustin Gallagher [Picture] Acoustic Guitar; 10,14
      Jim Imbesi Acoustic Guitar; 5
      Tony Iannuzzi Drums; 11
      Art Franklin Electric Bass: 14
      Chris Michaels [Picture] Synth Bass; 1
      Caryn Lin (%) [Picture] Violin; 1
      “Arty” Orst Artyniw Violin; 1
      Richard Hotchkiss [Picture] Cello; 1
      Chris Farr (L) Soprano Sax; 1
      Brian Bortnick Electric Guitar; 14
      John Adamski Drums; 14
      Edgardo Cintron (>) [Picture] Percussion: 1
      David Edelman Violin; 1
      Brian O’Byrne Viola; 1
      Howie Thompson [Picture] Upright Bass; 1
      Maryann Coppa McCann [Picture] Harp; 1

      • All Songs Produced by J. P. Gallagher for Pam 'N' Me Productions.
      • Mixed by J. P. Gallagher. Recorded by J. P. Gallagher and Joe Kraus [Picture] at Studio 705 at AIPH, M.A.R.S. at The University of the Arts, Turtle Studios, Phila., PA, Mad Ferret Studios, Hatboro, PA, Omniplex 2000, Camden, NJ, Hard Hat Studios & The Vinyl Room, Merchantville NJ.
      • Mastered at Masterworks, Phila., PA by Joe Kraus and J. P. Gallagher and at Discmakers, Pennsauken, NJ by Paul Elliott and J. P. Gallagher.
      • Art Design by Michael Santaspirt. Photography by Rob Crites.
      • Thank you to all the wonderful, talented and trusting vocalists and musicians without whom this album would never have been possible.
      • Special thanks to Susan Mammarella who first demoed almost every song.
      • Thanks to Peter Humphreys, Morris Ballen, Stephan Rossmeisl, Mike Nise, Arthur Stoppe, Cal Davies, Fran Smith Jr., Kevin Mackie and Jim Cravero.
      • Dedicated to my one and only love, Pam Mammarella. Everlasting 6/21/91.
      • Thanks to Jean Becker for the "Trust In Love" wedding video. And thanks again to Bruce Hawes who sang it for us at the wedding (see video).
      • Demo for commercial consideration only. Not for sale or release. Contact Jim Gallagher at Pam 'n' Me Productions

      Trust In Love Song


      Go Ahead!

      Notes on each song:

      • Falling In Love

        I wrote these words to Angela Falco’s wonderful melody on the very night that she gave me a cassette demo with piano flute and synth strings. As soon as I could, I got Sue Mammarella to sing the first demo to that track. That recording is included in this web site because as unique as the live recording was there was something very special about Sue’s first demo... I’m not sure if it was her harmony track or the just the simplicity of that version but some how it was special enough to include for everyone to hear as well. As in years gone by, this first track on the CD was recorded live in AIPH’s Studio 705 with 17 musicians and singers. Every note of music here was performed in the same room at once except Chris Farr's Soprano sax that was in an isolation booth. Vocals were attempted live in other isolation areas but later replaced by Carla Benson in less than 2 hours.

      • Not Gonna Be Lonely

        While working on Angela’s album "Unforgotten Toys", she brought this melody and I said, "This sounds like a pop tune to me." She replied, "But I don’t write words." I said "Would you mind if tried?" She said, "Go ahead!" This was our first collaboration and an instrumental version ended up on "Toys" anyway!

      • You Used to Tell Me

        This was the next collaboration that followed "Lonely". I wrote it and produced it as a duet. All the other duets on the CD are duet mixes which were never planned to end up that way and therefor have male, female and instrumental versions of each other duet on the CD. Suz and Jeff contributed fantastically to this recording with great vocal arrangement ideas. Thanks you two. Btw, an acquaintance of mine close to Whitney Houston kept telling me she wanted to hear Whitney do this and was going to play it for her. I don’t think she ever did.... Anyone else who can? I’d appreciate it! I bet she would like it too.... Any guesses who I think would be the partner for her in the duet? (Jack’s guitar and the voices are all that’s not programmed.)

      • Trust In Love

        - Trust In Love Video
      • I have always said I had been writing this song since I was a youth in college. I got my first guitar my sophomore year in college (I’m ashamed to say how many years ago) and had written the chord changes to the verses. Flash forward two or three lifetimes and I met Pam. Then I wrote the chorus and all the words. As Dan Levinson and I were programming this version he said that it needed a bridge and I said, "Go ahead!" Within a week he wrote the music to the "C" section and the night I hear it for the first time I wrote the words. Kelly recorded her vocal immaculately one night at Dan’s house and I could not be there. I only ever have spoken to her on the phone. Thank you again Kelly for being a beautiful part of this wedding present to Pam my wife of ten years next June. Thanks also to Darrel Hawes the brother of my dear friend Bruce Hawes who sang the song at our wedding for us (look for a video taste of that moment here in the web site). Darrel of course moved on to bigger and better things as a member of Az Yet on LaFace records...Maybe both of brothers will rejoin me on the disc on that Gospel song I wrote (called "Lift Up Your Hearts" look for it on the next CD).... Bruce played piano on the Billy Paul demo.... Anyway, the title track is all about the love of my life - Palmina Mammarella. "Grow old along with me..."

      • All Along the Way

        Jim Imbesi brought the melody to me on a cassette and bang words were pouring out. As we were programming in the beginning of this production (I think every instrument was replaced eventually by the real thing except Angela’s piano which I never quantize or anything anyway...). Dan said once again that he thought it needed a bridge. Jim and I said, (you guessed it didn’t you) "Go ahead!" Jim never heard this final mix for years for which I again apologize but I think he approves. The sax was played by someone that Joe Kraus knew from Temple University and we never wrote down his name and now no one can remember... Sorry fella, if you hear or see this contact me and I can at least update the web site! That’s my parents in the graphics for this song. What a long and amazing "way" they traveled!

      • Turn It Around

        I really did write these words on a plane riding back to LA into a sunset in around 1987. In 1994 I gave them to Jack Klotz and said that I always thought the hook could be a simple 3 chord kind of pop/rock thing said "Go ahead!" and forgot about it. 3 or 4 weeks later the Jack Klotz vocal demo appeared and Wow! I loved his melody and we dragged a bunch of friends into the studio at the University of the Arts to fill a night in one of my night workshop classes there. Jack and Joe Kraus recorded Lucy when I was in London the week I got to visit Abbey Road Studios... Thanks Lucy you really nailed it!

      • Desire (Slow version)

        This was the second time I produced this song I wrote all by myself. Brian who did the last track on the CD also did an acoustic version that Pam still thinks is the sexiest version yet. This was how I heard it "sexy". Thanks again Lucy I know you love that one little part in Jack’s solo as much as he loves that little sigh of yours in the middle of the second verse....

      • Long After Midnight

        Anyone who ever paced a floor, thinking about something they shouldn’t have been thinking about, can relate to this song, I think... If not, relate to April’s fantastic vocal (so cool I never have done a male version) and her man Dave’s "lightning" lead guitar work! Hey, you guys really ARE cool!

      • The Means Don’t Matter

        Tom on drums and 705’s room sound and the raging guitar work of Stephen’s leads.... One night I heard the 2 solos both together at one time (he did not listen to one as he played the other amazingly!) I never took either out again! That night Jack realized how much fun rock could be... And Gordon sang rock like he had never done before!

      • Thin, Thin Line

        What a great time we had cutting this track! We had the whole band live in the Omniplex studio: drums, bass, 2 electric and 2 acoustic guitars, percussion (thanks Leigh) and a ref vocal (by our master bass player Mr. Lime I think, (they never tell...) of Lemon/Lime, Bob Karsch). We later added the dynamic duo of April and Dave again and topped it off with Mark for yet another duet in absentia. Btw Bob, you kept saying you wanted to produce a Lemon/Lime version. Please do! Or perhaps I should say, "Go ahead!" I want to produce a version of Mr. Lemon’s tune "Lost Along the Way" anyway…

      • Not Lovers Anymore

        Maybe this production is the tightest somehow? Simple approach, only an organ overdub, and again Lucy... This is the only song I almost let myself play on.... I almost doubled the rhythm guitar on the right but realized I really didn’t need to... This might be my fav mix on the CD too…

      • Days Go By

        Kudos here to Shawn Colvin and John Leventhal for their fantastic song and Grammy winning Record of the Year: "Sunny Came Home". I was so happy when they won that Grammy I jumped up and down and acted in such a manner that Pam looked at me like I was nuts or something. I love that song so much it inspired me to write this song. As we were recording the background parts in Stephen’s old Turtle Studios location (not insolated) there was this terrific storm going on outside and thunder directly over the house was so loud that the mic picked it up... Later of course because of the third verse and the cool nature of the coincidence, I added all the rest of it. This song was later picked up by a very talented jazz singer from the D.C. area, Changamire. She recorded it at Turtle Studios and her version is on her first CD and you should read the review of the CD and what was said about this song by clicking here and be sure to visit her website:

      • December Rain

        This is the only Vinyl Room production on the CD. I love my sister-in law Sue’s voice and sometimes the simplest frame makes the picture the most appreciated. I hope you know how much I appreciate you, Sue, singing all the songs for the first time and even through that cathartic song I wrote after my Mom died... I am blessed to be in a family (see photo in "Turn It Around" because mine sure did when I met them!) like ours where love is an unconditional gift that bonds us all...

      • Desire (Rock version)

        This is the first production I did of this song and the way I heard it as I wrote it. When we finished this version I said thanks to Brian and he said, "Go ahead exploit me all you can!" I want to cut it yet again for the Temptations with some of the musicians I used to work with back at Sigma... And I mean a real soulful, straight up R & B version next. You guys still up for it? When do you want to "Go Ahead!"

      CD note:

      This CD was created over some 9 or 10 years in my "spare" time without having spent a single dollar. Every singer, musician, engineer and artist involved has given their work free on the "Trust in Love" we have for our various art forms and ourselves. If ever I place a song or a production from this effort, everyone involved with that song, will get their reward before I get mine. That promise and a handshake made this album possible.

      Last thought: just imagine what we all could do with a budget!

      Lead vocals:

      Rustin Gallagher 1 & 3; Greg Stoffa 1; Carla Benson 2, 10 & 13; Silva 3; April Iorio 4 & 8; Jim Gallagher 5 and screams on 14; Raquel Digati 6 & 7; Jeff Salamone 6; Sue Mammarella 9; Dan Kulisek 10 & 13; **Jeff Otto 11; Chuck McCrory 12; Mike Bilinski (Professional screams) 14.

      Background vocals:

      Ryan Gallagher, Katie Gallagher and Christian Mammarella-Pietrafitta, John Stoffa, Barbara Stoffa, Lady Jane Gallagher, Vicki Gallagher, Rustin Gallagher, Fran Mammarella, Chris Pietrafitta, Pam Mammarella, Angela Rose Mammarella, Sue Mammarella & Wayne Urffer 1; Jim Becker, Sue Mammarella & Mary Mammarella also on 1 doing J, P, G & R style second background vocals on final choruses; Jim Gallagher, Pam Mammarella, Sue Mammarella and Jessie Mammarella (giggles on 3) on 2, 3 & 5; Rachael Sutliff 4; Cheryl Coveleski 4; Mike Bilinski and Jenifer Dragon: on Pirate background vocals in fade 5; Raquel Digati 6 & 7; Jim Imbesi 8; Silva & April Iorio 10; **Gene Smith & Jim Gallagher (bass) 11; Carla Benson 13.


      Rustin Gallagher: 1, 2, 3, 5 & 13 Bass guitar, 1 twelve string electric guitar, keyboards, 2 lead guitars

      Greg Stoffa: 1 Acoustic guitar, 1, 3, 5 & 13 Electric guitar

      Chuck (Paul Reed Smith) McCrory: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 & 12 Lead guitar; 3 & 7 Electric guitar; 4 & 6 All electric and acoustic guitars; 14 Maniac lead guitars left channel

      Art Stoppe, Liz Bressi-Stoppe, Pam Mammarella, Jessie Mammarella and Jim Gallagher: 1 Handclaps

      Bob Wagner: 1 & 5 Harmonica left channel

      Sam Fulginiti: 1 & 5 Harmonica right channel

      Tony DeAnnuntis: 1 Tambourine

      Jim Gallagher: 1, 5, 7, 9 & 13 Acoustic guitar 2 Mellotron flute, Wurlitzer electric piano (& 5), piano, vibes and synthesizer strings (also on 4, 6 & 13), 7 & 9 bass guitar; 3 & 9 percussion; 5 organ; 9 tremolo electric guitar; 12 Rhythm electric guitars; 14 Phased and distortion guitars, acoustic guitars, Moog synthesizers, bass; 15 All instruments

      Scott Rouba: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13 & 14 Drums

      Liz Bressi-Stoppe: 2, 5, 7 & 8 Percussion

      Dave Fecca: 2 Electric and acoustic guitars

      John Woods: 2 Wurlitzer electric piano; 3 clavinet; 5 piano

      T. J. Jacoby: 2 Drums

      Walt Young: 3 Sax

      Nick Ciardelli: 3 Trumpet

      Matt Kruc: 3 Trombone

      Angela Falco: 4, 8 & 13 Flute; 10 Piano and synthesizer strings; 13 Electric piano

      Eve Okupniak: 4 Flute double

      Mike Wren: 4 & 6 Bass guitar

      Jim Eyles: 5 Electric lead guitar; 14 Maniac lead guitars right channel

      Jack Klotz Jr.: 5 Electric guitar (bridge); 10 Acoustic Soprano guitar

      Raquel Digati: 6 & 7 All keyboards

      Jim Imbesi: 8 Acoustic guitars and synthesizer strings

      **Jeff Otto: 10 Bass guitar; 11 acoustic guitar

      **Bob Stirner: 11Bass guitar and acoustic guitar solo

      **Bud Burroughs: 11 Mandolin

      **Stephe Ferraro: 11 Field drum

      Roycee Martin: 12 Bass guitar

      Jim Budnicki: 12 Harmonica

      Tom Schoenemann: 12 Drums

      (**Featuring Boris Garcia AKA UC&TAV)

      ALL ABOUT LOVE songs written and produced by Jim Gallagher :

      • 1. All About Love 3:08
      • 2. Linger 4:35
      • 3. Ready 3:33
      • 4. Close To Me 4:46
      • 5. Every Day 3:08 Words
      • 6. Open Your Eyes 4:47
      • 7. Livin’ and Lettin’ Go 3:30
      • 8. Safe Harbor 5:01
      • 9. There Can Only Be One 4:04
      • 10. Every Time I… 3:53
      • 11. **Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired 3:27
      • 12. Train Time 6:22
      • 13. Since I (Fell in Love with You) 4:06
      • 14.Under the Radar (Rejection) 3:33
      • 15. Nightfall 1:40

      ALL ABOUT LOVE songs written and produced by Jim Gallagher

      • 1) All About Love 3:08 Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 2) Linger 4:35 Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 3) Ready 3:33 Words Jim Gallagher and Music by Rustin Gallagher © 2007
      • 4) Close To Me 4:46 Words by Jim Gallagher Music by Jim Gallagher and Chuck McCrory © 2007
      • 5) Every Day 3:08 Words by Jim Gallagher and Pam Mammarella and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 6) Open Your Eyes 4:47 Words by Jim Gallagher Music by Chuck McCrory © 2007
      • 7) Livin’ and Lettin’ Go 3:30 Words by Liz Bressi-Stoppe Music by Jim Gallagher © 2005
      • 8) Safe Harbor 5:01 Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 9) There Can Only Be One 4:04 Words by Joe Mammarella Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 10) Every Time I… 3:53 Words Jim Gallagher and music by Angela Falco © 2007
      • 11) **Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired 3:27 Words & Music by Jeff Otto and Gallagher © 2007
      • 12) Train Time 6:22 Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 13) Since I (Fell in Love with You) 4:06 Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 14) Under the Radar (Rejection) 3:33 Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007
      • 15) Nightfall 1:40 Music by Jim Gallagher© 2007

      Total Time: 59:44

      All songs produced by Jim Gallagher
      • All songs entirely recorded and mixed by Jim Gallagher at The Vinyl Room in Moorestown NJ Except for Lead vocal on “Every Day” produced and recorded by Tom Basmajian and all vocals by Carla Benson recorded by Adam Benson
      • Exquisitely Mastered by Peter Humphreys at Masterworks Philadelphia., PA
      • All songs published by Palmina in Paradise Publications, BMI Except “Every Time I…” published by Palmina in Paradise Publications and Hey Pook Music, BMI
      • And “Sick and Tired” published by Palmina in Paradise Publications and Porchwerk Music ASCAP
      • ** Boris Garcia appears courtesy of Porchwerk Music
      • Angela Falco appears courtesy of Hey Pook! Music
      • Jack Klotz appears courtesy of invinceable entertainment
      • Mike Bilinski appears courtesy of Halfyourpublishing Music AKA MCB Entertainment
      • Art design by Anita Wong Thanks to Judy McAnulla and Eve Okupniak for the Photoshop help.
      • Photo by Art Stoppe
      • All my love and thanks to my always supportive wife, Pam Mammarella Love and huge thanks to my wonderful and talented son Rustin for all his valuable and creative input to my music always.
      • Special thanks to Jeff Otto and Chuck McCrory for their friendship, contributions and patience throughout this project.
      • This album is dedicated to the memory of one of my dearest and oldest friends who taught me to play the guitar, Carroll Adam Cobbs Jr. [Picture]
      • “All About Love” is dedicated to Ryan Allan Gallagher.
      • “Nightfall” is dedicated to GOSONOIO.
      • Demo for commercial consideration only. Not for resale or release.

      Notes on each song:

      • All About Love 3:08

        Wrote this, played it for Rus and we said “SO John Lennon”! I said “let’s do it as a Beatle production.” I asked Rus and Greg Stoffa his cousin to cut the basic track with Scott Rouba on drums and we cut it one weekend when a ton of family was around. After adding some other instruments we had everyone there come down in the studio and sing the chorus. My grandchildren Katie and Ryan Gallagher and nephew Christian Mammarella-Pietrafetta (age 6, 3 and 3 respectively at that time) can be hear prominently on the sing-a-long tracks. I had taught them the song on previous visits playing it and singing it together so that they could join right in with the adults and get it right away. Rus’s idea to add the fake horns in the bridge is fantastic (so Sergeant Pepper!)! I have kidded that if Paul McCartney were ever to hear this song, he would pick up his phone and say “Get my lawyer on the line!” Anyway, it is our homage to the greatest band ever. Hope you like the CD insert, thanks Jeff Otto of Boris Garcia for the idea!

        ( Link to collage 1)

        (Link to collage 2)

        (Link to collage 3)

        Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007 Dedicated to Ryan Allan Gallagher

      • Linger 4:35

        Most recently written and most focused on at the end of this CD. I ended up adding everyone to my original demo (keeping only my keyboards) and polishing it up quite nicely I think. I love the atmosphere it creates now. Carla makes her 3rd appearance on as many of my CDs. (Check out the full long version! Available only here on the website.)

        Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Ready 3:33

        On the day we cut “All About Love”, “Since I” and “Every Day” Rus started to play this bass line between cutting the other tracks. He did a ref vocal calling out changes for what became the chorus and Greg and Scott nailed it. I fixed little things with ProTools then added more guitars (GO CHUCK) that great clav (wow John) and real horns! (Big thanks to Matt, Walt and Nick and Ron Kerber for introducing me to them) The intro clav thing was so cool that I could hardly believe it! Silva and Rus tear it up! Can you believe this was only the first time she ever really recorded in a studio!?! Oh yeah, and I was the one who “has a fever and the only cure is… MORE COWBELL!”

        Words Jim Gallagher and Music Rustin Gallagher © 2007

      • Close To Me 4:46

        I wrote this one with Chuck McCrory. I had the changes and no melody. He wrote the melody and I then wrote the words. Producing this was a great deal of fun. The vibe is so sexy, and the solo is so strong, thanks Chuck. Also thanks to my sexy sirens singing in the back Cheryl Coveleski (who added some extra “flavor” too) and Rachel Sutcliff (who by the way was a member of Patti Labelle’s choir on the national TV show “Clash of the Choirs”!

        Words by Jim Gallagher Music by Jim Gallagher and Chuck McCrory © 2007

      • Every Day 3:08

        Rock on! I had the nerve to sing this one but wow, how about the band?!? Jim Eyles appears for the first time on my stuff on lead guitar! Rock on! Pam helped me write the words in the bridge, she is so cool! Thanks to Tom (Mr. Perfection) Basmajian for getting my vocal done right!

        Words by Jim Gallagher and Pam Mammarella and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Open Your Eyes 4:47

        This is another tune written with Chuck. It’s his music and my words. Sometimes we can and can not see what is right in front of our eyes…

        Words by Jim Gallagher Music by Chuck McCrory © 2007

      • Livin’ and Lettin’ Go 3:30

        One of the first tracks completed for this disc. At one of my jams I had complained to Liz that I was blocked writing lyrics but was not having trouble with the music lately and she said. “I have some lyrics that I wrote” and began to repeat them. I heard the rhythm in the words immediately and said write them down and get them to me. A couple weeks later I played her the song as it is written here and she loved it and we went about making the version you hear here.

        Words by Liz Bressi-Stoppe Music by Jim Gallagher © 2005

      • Safe Harbor 5:01

        Simple, pleasant and comfortable are how I think about this song. Jim and April (and April’s husband, Dave Fecca whose guitars grace “Linger”) appearing on all 3 CDs I’ve made now. Thanks so much!

        Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • There Can Only Be One 4:04

        Joe Mammarella, my brother-in-law came to me and said “I have these words I wrote that I always thought would make a nice song”. I said, “Let me see them” and this is the result. I had to have his sister Sue sing it (her 3rd appearance too). I thought it would end up sounding kind of country but after Chuck added the lead guitar well that was that!

        Words by Joe Mammarella Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Every Time I… 3:53

        Chuck says, “This reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright song…” Angela Falco is my favorite composer. Here I have once again have had the privilege to co-write a song with her. Someone asked me (maybe her) where did this song come from? I have said that it is about something that happened to me almost 33 years ago. Chuck of course meant to say Andrew Lloyd Webber but it came out as quoted above and cracked us all up. Jack Klotz making his 3rd CD appearance also, just blows me away with his soprano acoustic guitar!

        Words Jim Gallagher and music by Angela Falco © 2007

      • **Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired 3:27

        (**Featuring Boris Garcia AKA UC&TAV)

        Me, bassing with Boris! What a dream come true! I wrote the song one weekend when I was home sick with the flu. I could not write any verses but the music and the chorus was finished. I gave a copy to Jeff when I came back to work and threw it on his desk and said, “I’m sick and tired of this, you finish it!” He did. His first version included a literal lyric about “that’s what I get for swapping spit with you” I remember, but the week before his great band Boris Garcia came to the Vinyl Room to record, (btw most of the guys said that they wanted to live there) Jeff rewrote the verses to what we have here today (better for a pop market, I guess ☺). I can not tell you how happy and proud that I am to have Jeff and Boris Garcia on this disc. Thanks guys and come back anytime!

        Words & Music by Jeff Otto and Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Train Time 6:22

        In my monthly jams I would listen to Chuck and others do some classic blues tunes and I said to myself, “I want to write a blues song to do at the jams”. So I wrote this one. Chuck kills it, of course, and his lead guitar was recorded live with the track no overdubs. Jim played his heart out on harp and my primary reader from my Penn Masters degree, Tom Schoenemann, is on drums. It also features a rare Roycee Martin appearance. Come back and play more, guys! Anytime!

        Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Since I (Fell in Love with You) 4:06

        This one I played for Rus because I was considering not including it and he said, “It has a great feel and is a good tune” so we did it on that day we cut 4 tracks (and Greg and Rus wrote a bridge right then and there but I cut it out later, oh well). I am glad now that it is here Angela said after doing that flute part that she had not played in a little while but that it was like riding a bike…. Man if only I had such gifts! Speaking of gifts, how about those vocals! Dan’s first time (also on “Every Time I…”) on one of my CDs and Carla, Oh my God! She sang on 3 tunes in one night and wow! As good as she is on the other 2 this one blew me away in fact her backgrounds made the track feel entirely different, wow!

        Words and Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Under the Radar (Rejection) 3:33

        What can I say? 6 lead guitars at once, screams from the pits of hell, and all the frustration and anxiety I could cathartically put in here. Believe it or not, I had to mix it 5 times to get it where I wanted it!

        Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      • Nightfall 1:40

        This is an instrumental that I wrote and performed and then was convinced by my son Rus to include. Thanks to T. J. Jacoby for his help on the fade/edit. I offered it to Eve Okupniak (btw they have Franey blood in them too!) of GOSONOIO to use in a short film… maybe someday…

        Music by Jim Gallagher © 2007

      Vocalists Tracks
      Carla Benson 1
      Sue Mammerella 2, 11
      Lucy Melia 3,12
      April Iorio 4,10
      Dave Fecca 4
      Kathy Howard 5
      Billy Paul 6
      Rustin Gallagher 7
      Chuck McCrory 8
      Ben Bower 9
      Jim Gallagher 13

      Background Vocals Tracks
      Carla Benson 1
      Sue Mammarella 2, 7, 8, 10 & 11
      Mary Mammarella 2
      Pam Mammarella 2, 8 & 10
      Jessie Mammerella 2, 8, 10 & 11
      Shanon Kolen 3
      Lucy Melia 3
      April Iorio 4
      Dave Fecca 4
      Kathy Howard 5
      Wayne Urffer 8
      Fran Mammarella 8
      Jim Imbesi & Chuck McCrory 13

      Musicians Tracks
      Gerald Veasely Bass Guitar, 1
      Angela Falco All Keyboards, 1
      Ted Greenberg Drums and Percussion, 1
      Jack Klotz Jr. Acoustic Guitar 3, Electric Guitar 1, 12
      Ron Kerber Soprano Sax, 1
      Julia Moreno Flute
      Jim Becker Acoustic Guitars, Bass Synthesizer, Drum and percussion programming
      Sue Mammarella Electric Piano; 2, 11
      Rusty lynch Pedal Steel Guitar, 3
      Joe Fry Organ, 3; Piano, 3 and 8; All programming and all instruments, 10
      Rusty Crowe Drums; 3, 7, 8, & 14
      Dave Fecca Acoustic Guitars, 4; Electric Guitar, 14;
      Bill "The King" Dorman Electric Guitar; 51
      Bruce Hawes All Keyboards 5, 6; Drum programming 5
      Ray "C" Williams Drums 6; hihat 5
      Tyrone Brown Bass Guitar 13
      Rustin Gallagher Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Electric & Slide Guitar & Organ 7
      Chuck McCrory Lead Electric Guitar 7 (1st solo), 8, 13 & 14, Electric Guitar 8
      Liz Bressi-Stoppe Percussion 7, 13
      Bob Wagner Harmonica 8
      Roycee Martin Bass Guitar 8
      Ben Bower Electric Guitars & Percussion 9
      Peter Santa Maria Bass Guitar & Percussion 9
      Tom Conners Percussion 9
      Kyle Manchester Lead Acoustic Guitar 11
      Bobby Emmons Drums & Percussion 11
      Jim Gallagher Percussion 2, 14; Synthesizer Strings 3, 8 & 11
      Neil Samuels Bass Guitar 12
      Ray Tannock Acoustic Guitar 12
      Vince Friel Electric Guitar 12
      Chris Michaels Piano & Organ 12
      Tom Basmajian Drums 12
      Dave Edelman Violin 12
      Sam Fulginiti Harmonica 13
      Tony DeAnnuntis Drums 13
      Jim Imbesi Organ and Acoustic Guitar 13
      Bob Karsh Bass Guitar 14

      * Jam Band Regulars ! Stunt Men

      “The Light and the Dark” Songs Written and Produced by Jim Gallagher

      • 1. Angel with a Broken Wing 3:54
      • 2. I Need You 3:38 *
      • 3. You Take My Breath Away 4:35
      • 4. I Love To Be Near You 4:08
      • 5. So Far, So Good 3:30 +
      • 6. Lift Up Your Hearts 4:10 +++
      • 7. While the Baby’s Sleeping 5:14 **
      • 8. Behind Closed Doors 5:41
      • 9. You Can Run 2:54
      • 10. I Go to Pieces 4:35
      • 11. Flashing Eyes 5:10 ++
      • 12. When Did My World Fall Apart? 5:14
      • 13. Winners Take All 3:31
      • 14. Giraffes on Horseback Salad 4:14

      Total Time: 59:15

      All songs published by Palmina in Paradise Publications, BMI.

      All songs produced by Jim Gallagher except track 10 produced by Joe Fry and Jim Gallagher.

      All words and music by Jim Gallagher except:
      • Words by Anthony “Tony” Mammarella and music by Jim Gallagher *
      • Words by Jim Gallagher and music by Jim Gallagher and Bruce Hawes +
      • Words by Jim Gallagher and music by Jim Gallagher and Ray “C” Williams+++
      • Words by Jim Gallagher and music by Jim Gallagher and Rob Crites++
      • Words by Jim Gallagher and Rustin Gallagher and music by Rustin Gallagher **

      Notes on each song:

      • Angel with a Broken Wing 3:54

        On the morning of December 18 th 1999 I awoke to the morning newspaper’s headline “Jazz Great Dead” informing me that my friend Grover Washington Jr. had suddenly passed away in New York City. I sat and wept. Grover was a very special man. He was the kind of man who made it his business to leave his session upstairs in Studio “A” of Sigma Sound Studios, while producing Pieces of a Dream, to come down just to say hello and visit the people working down in studio “B”. At the time I was an assistant staff engineer and impressed to find a star of such magnitude taking the time to be friendly with someone so new and only recently acquainted with him. But that was the kind of person that Grover was. When I stopped weeping that morning all I could think about was how much the world was a lesser place without him. I went into my home studio and picked up my guitar and wrote this song. That summer I approached several of his close friends who had worked with Grover throughout his career and told them that I wanted to record this song. Every one of them simply said, “Where and when should I show up?” Every musician contributed their best, not only with their performance, but also by contributing ideas to the greater good of the record. That was because all of us had had the joyful experience of working with or in some way knowing Grover and that was the way he would have been: giving and caring enough to make the greater good paramount. This recording was created in that spirit. We were and are proud to have honored Grover in this way.

      • I Need You 3:38

        A few years ago my wife Pam asked me to help her find something among the memorabilia from her childhood and teen years. As I searched through some old papers I came upon a single sheet of yellow legal paper and I was stopped cold by what I saw. There, hand written by her late father Anthony "Tony" Mammarella, were what was very obvious to me a set of lyrics to a song he had written or had planned to write. Since there was no recording of the song in existence that I was aware of, (and I had searched every tape and record on previous occasions) I could not resist and almost immediately went to my studio (The Vinyl Room) and began to write. A year later I finally had the guts to play it for some of the members of Pam's family. They loved it. I then planned to bring as many of the musical members of the family into the studio to record as I could. In the fall of 1998, I invited Agnes Mammarella, my wonderful mother-in-law, as a guest to the AIPH studio to watch her children and grandchildren record "I Need You". Like all producers I fiddled and added things but finally was able to present this CD to the family as a Christmas present that year. I am most proud to have co-written a song with the man whose record label, Swan Records, had the quote "Be cool, stay in school!" printed on every disc. Swan Records was also the first record label in America to release a single, from a then new and unknown singing group from England known as the Beatles. This was a full year before they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show (check out the picture of Tony presenting them with their first American Gold record backstage that very night they first appeared on American TV). "Tony" Mammarella was the producer of a local television show on the ABC affiliate from its inception until after it went national and then moved to Los Angles. That show was the culturally ground breaking "American Bandstand" show which changed the face of American music forever!

      • You Take My Breath Away 4:35

        Ah, a love song inspired by my wonderful wife Pam. So what else is new? What is noteworthy about this track is the pedal steel performance by Russ Lynch! Wow, what can I say about the fantastic job he did! I was lucky enough to meet him through Bob Wagner who talked Russ to come to one of my monthly jam sessions at my home in the Vinyl Room (which btw is where this entire track was recorded). At that point I thought I had already completed the song. I had had Jack Klotz do a twangy Fender lead solo but when I told him about the opportunity to add the steel well he said “Of course you should!” Also Lucy Melia returns to my CD (she sang 3 on the first) to do the lead vocal but on harmony with her making her recording debut is Shanon Kolen her niece. Oh yea, even after 20 wonderful years Pam still does take my breath away.

      • I Love To Be Near You 4:08

        Well here we are again, another love song I wrote in the back seat of our car as Pam and I made an unplanned escape to Cape May for a Valentine’s Day weekend. Newlyweds April Iorio and Dave Fecca perform it in its entirety. We did it simple, sweet and to the point. Again, it’s a Vinyl Room recording.

      • So Far, So Good 3:30

        I wrote this one way back when I was studio manager and chief engineer at 309 for Gamble and Huff. Bruce Hawes helped with a few chords in the tune and programmed and played most of the track. Bill (The King) Dorman ripped up the guitar tracks and I had done a male and female lead vocal, here is Kathy Howard’s great performance.

      • Lift Up Your Hearts 4:10

        In 1991 my friend Ronnie Baker, who was the original bass player for MFSB and who was also a great writer and producer in his own right, passed away from brain cancer. I sat in church at his funeral with my heart broken; listening to the songs played that day. I went later that day to a session and then home late that night with all those wonderful old traditional Gospel songs swimming in my head. I could not sleep. I found myself with my guitar in my hands at 2 or 3 in the morning writing this song. It seemed to flow through me, not come from in me. I recorded it to a cassette after I had fashioned the whole song. I rewound the tape and listened back only to suddenly realize that I had sung the song in a falsetto, which I had never done before. What so struck me was the fact that in every session I ever worked with Ronnie I never ever heard him sing anything that he needed to get across to anyone with anything BUT a falsetto. It so freaked me out I did not go back and even listen to the demo I made that night for a YEAR! At some point later, after his dear friend Norman Harris and sadly Bruce Hawes’ sister Debbie Hawes both passed away very young, did I go back and listen to that tape. I heard it and said I have to cut this for all 3 of them… So I went ahead and programmed a few versions of the song working with Ray Williams who changed an A minor chord to a C and ended up as a co-writer. In fairness he insisted that we record it in G (“the Gospel key” he said) and added the key changes that are in the recording. He is also the drummer on the track. I was involved with a project for Billy Paul at the time and played an early version to him and he said, “I love it and I want it on this project”. So we cut it but unfortunately the project was never completed. All I was ever going to add beyond what you hear here is a choir and to replace Bruce’s organ with an organ performance by Leon Huff. This is a last rough mix I did before the plug was pulled. Thanks to Billy and Blanche for permission to use it as is here. One note on that session was that Ray who is sightless had to be cued for the ending, well I as the producer had to “conduct” it with out him being able to see me. So as the tape was rolling, I when out into the studio and touched his back to cue him on the finish. So I had to edit the long tag out so everyone could hear how well he, Bruce and Tyrone played that ending. There is also a weird recording flaw I the 1 st verse which I fixed up as best possible with out access to the original multi-track tapes. I regret it can not be perfected, but this release may yet lead to other productions of the song that would honor Ronnie, Norman and Debbie’s memory.

      • While the Baby’s Sleeping 5:14

        This song was written by my son Rustin at Thanksgiving gathering in my living room with his 3 month old daughter Katie sleeping next to us on the couch. I kept playing along with him (we both always grab acoustic guitars at every gathering we can) following his left hand, as I have since he started playing when he was 8, and I thought, “This is cool, what is this?” So I asked is this a Pink Floyd song or what and he said “No I am just making this up right now”, so I suggested a structure to the changes he was playing and this song was worked out while Katie napped. When we had it all worked out and played it one last time all the way through and smiled when we stopped. Katie woke up and looked around asking with her eyes, what happened, why did you stop? I wrote the lyrics later. Rustin played every part on every instrument but the 1 st guitar solo (Chuck McCrory) the percussion track (Liz Bressi-Stoppe) and the drums (which Rusty Crowe so well performed replacing the Lynn Drum loop we used to start with) ALL IN ONE NIGHT! Every time I hear it I think if he lived nearer to me just think how much we could do in the Vinyl Room! Get back more often son!

      • Behind Closed Doors 5:41

        When I played a demo of this to Bobby Emmons he said “Whoa, Jim Gallagher the dark side!” I think we all know about the other side of life that everyone has fantasized about at least. I kept thinking that this song should get to Chris Isaac. Anyone know how I might do that? If so please give me a call! Another Vinyl Room Production that features Jam band regulars Royce (Wow are you great!) Martin on bass and Bob (I’m sorry I missed another jam, I’m e-mail challenged) Wagner. This guitar solo by Chuck McCrory is worth the listen for alone!

      • You Can Run 2:54

        The Stunt Men are a band from center city Philly that recorded in my night class at the U Arts. I asked them to cut this straight up rock track for me and they did. Thanks guys! I love the slide guitar!

      • I Go to Pieces 4:35

        Joe Fry and I demoed this tune in my old Vinyl Room a few years ago on my old 4 track cassette machine. After we had Joe asked if I minded if he took a shot at it at home on his computer based system. Well, a few weeks later he played me this track and I was very excited. All I asked for him to do over was the guitar solo. Next we turned to the vocals. The backgrounds were done in the V-Room with the Mammarella gals in full force. The lead was done back then but I later decided that I wanted April to do it. After about 8 weeks of scheduling madness we finally got in the new V-Room (this is 4 or 5 years later) and she did her vocal. I wrote the song about the horrible emptiness one feels when your good thing is threatened.

      • gggg

    • Flashing Eyes 5:10

      One day Rob Crites came to my house and played the 4 chords of the verse of this song to me and I said. “Wow that is very cool may I run with that and write some more?” He said sure, and that night I wrote the rest of the music and all the words. I played it for him the next day and he was blown away. That night I demoed it. So within 48 hours I had written and recorded this song. I went back into the V-Room and re-recorded it later programming drums with my Lynn Drum and playing 2 guitars and bass. Later I asked Sue Mammarella to sing it and play electric piano on it. I later added the string pad myself. A unique opportunity presented itself many years later when my cousin Barbara’s son Kyle Manchester came to a family reunion at our home and without having any time to really study the song was asked to add the “Spanish flavored” guitar track. He nailed it! I replaced the drum machine at my son’s insistence with drums by Robert “The Pounder” Emmons. A last answer background vocal track I always heard in my head as I sang and played the song was the last and finishing touch that Sue added.

    • When Did My World Fall Apart 5:06

      This was the first song I ever asked Lucy Melia of Lefty Lucy to sing for me. I cut the track at the studio at the University of the Arts when I taught there years ago with some musicians that were fellow faculty members and some students at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Originally there was a guitar solo not the fiddle that Dave “Dr. Femur” Edelman so wonderfully added later after I had met him working on the Jaffna project. Please listen to the tracks by Jaffna on my website. Another tune about how much we lose when we lose the one we love

    • Winners Take All 3:31

      OK, so this is my Bob Dylan tribute song… When I wrote it one night at my son’s home late after everyone had fallen asleep, I thought ,”OK which Dylan song is this that I am ripping off?” So I listened to a few old ones of his and I don’t think it is a direct rip after all. I call the bridge the Enron section. I played it for my son Rustin the next day and he said it was his favorite of all the songs I had ever written to that point. I was originally going to do it with my vocal, my guitar and maybe a harmonica added. After I did that, I started to add more; a bass, then I wanted drums, then an organ etc. Of course that was all added to the original guitar and vocal track played by me without a click track so adding all the instruments one by one to the imperfect time of my guitar made for a sloppy track at best. I liked the feel of it but after playing it at one of my monthly jam sessions with the Jam Band Regulars I realized that it would be far better to redo it with the band altogether at one time, like a band… This version is cut that way with them. I wanted my son to play the bass on it because he liked it so much so I played the bass as a ref as I sang it with the band and added the additional vocals with Jim Imbesi and Chuck McCrory right after we did the track. Rustin replaced my bass the weekend of my family reunion and gave a different feel to the whole thing. I may have a bare original version hidden somewhere on my website if you want to hear it that way… By the way, thank you Mr. Zimmerman for your inspiration as an astoundingly prolific songwriter and as a gritty enough singer to give me the courage to sing this one myself.

    • Giraffes on Horseback Salad 4:14

      This one was going to be a rock anthem but the words never really work for me however. So then I wrote other words which were, let’s say, suggestive, but some might even call them pornographic. Those I never recorded either. So then there I was with this great rock track and no lyrics. So I got to thinking, what’s wrong with some cool screaming guitar tracks on top and leave it like that. First I tried some tracks with a WahWah but they were not quite right. So I tried adding Chuck McCrory and let him wail all over it. Then we turned off that track and did another track of him wailing all over it. Then I played them both back. I liked the double lead guitars (ala Eric Clapton and Duane Allman on Layla) so much that I had Chuck punch in the occasional spot where the 2 tracks did not work together and created this version. I played a cowbell on this one in the “B” sections while Rusty is playing the ride cymbal and I gained a whole new respect for percussionists and drummers. Wow, it ain’t easy staying right on time! The title is borrowed from a never realized film that Harpo Marx and Salvador Dali were going to make in 1939 that I read about at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida which I very highly recommend!

    • LeftyLucy LeftyLucy

      Lucy walked into an evening recording workshop I taught at The University of the Arts one night and was one of the artists we recorded that semester. From the moment she opened her mouth in front of the microphone (for the first time ever in a studio by the way) I knew she was special. She improvised harmonies on the spot, nailed complete performances without almost ever punching in... not to mention write, arrange and produce the song! I asked her to sing a tune for me after the conclusion of that class and we continue to work together today. Lucy sings 3 songs on my "Trust In Love" CD and has one more of mine "in the can" which will be on my next CD. But here are 2 of her songs she let me produce which she co-wrote with Nick DiBlasio. There are other songs of hers "in the can" too and more that we will do next time she comes back from Bermuda. As an aside, I love the electric guitar work on these songs by Jack Klotz a lot! On "Bang, Bang!" he plays my favorite solo he has ever done for me and I have asked him for quite a few! And his slide work on "I Don't Wanna Know" was the really sweet finishing touch to that tune. But listen to Lucy sing! Wow! Enjoy!

      Angela Falco

      I believe Angela Falco is the finest composer I may have ever heard. I am blessed that she let me write lyrics to 4 of her melodies, all 4 of which are on "Trust In Love". Someday I imagine she will be scoring films in L.A. In fact, the first project we ever worked on together, was a score she wrote and produced for Pam's film "White Icons". She did an amazing job! Here is an album of her work which I produced in such a way as to feature her: Angela as a pianist and keyboard wizard, Angela as a flautist, and most important of all, Angela as a most memorable composer.

      I have never, ever tired of this project and in particular this song. My web site would be incomplete without it.

      Title Time
      Precious, Precious Time I 0:53
      Unforgotten Toys 4:52
      Soundtrack To My Heart 3:21
      Little Star 4:01
      Hesitant Love 3:27
      Darkness Into Day 3:48
      Distant Thoughts* 4:39
      Anna (To All Our Mothers) 4:16
      Precious, Precious Time II 0:30
      Winter's Flight 4:28
      I Would If I Could 3:46
      Much Too Much 3:59
      Precious, Precious Time III 2:04
      Forbidden Innocence 5:13
      Not Gonna Be Lonely Anymore 3:47
      Medley (Scarborough Fair/Canticle-Sound of Silence**) 4:56
      Precious, Precious Time IV 1:06

      Total Time: 59:14

      • All compositions by Angela Falco (except ** Paul Simon/Art Garfunkle-Paul Simon).
      • Produced, engineered and mixed by Jim Gallagher.
      • Angel Falco: Kranich & Bach Baby Grand Piano, Haynes Flute and Synthesizers.
      • Ted Greenberg: Bass, All Percussion and Sampling, *French Horn and Synthesizers.
      • Additional engineering by Ted Greenberg, Jeff Mulherin and Tom Basmajian.
      • Recorded at Ted's Toyland Studios, Absecon NJ ProTools Assembly by Joe Kraus.
      • Mastering by Peter Humphreys at Masterworks Phila. PA.
      • Photo by Mimi Feldman.

      I would like to express my deepest thanks to my producer, Jim Gallagher for his inspiration, Peter Humphreys, Ted Greenberg for his talent and his support, Jeff Mulherin, Tom Basmajian, Joe Kraus, Dan Levinson,Jim and Anna Falco, Duky, Dianne, Johnny and Nealy Ann. Added thanks to Connie, Gloria, Joanne, Caryn, Sheila, Dr. Fink, Joan Kupferberg for the gift of the piano, Bob Fowler, Joe Mancini, Peter Reichlin and the boys-Vinnie, Frankie and Greg.

      This music is dedicated to my loving family and all the Unforgotten Toys of the world.

      Copyright 1993 Angela Falco, Hey Pook! Music (except **) BMI

      Enviro Aid

      Fox Fire's "Count On You" was produced and recorded by Jim Gallagher at Mad Ferret Studios with additional engineering by Jim Cravero.

      It is the first song on this compilation CD that was put together by Kevin Mackie to raise funds for enviornmental causes. It featured 19 local acts.


      What can I say about working with Lacy James? Besides that recording and co-producing it were a hell of a lot of fun, (Who else is going to let me do a vocal or conceive of overdubing wolf howls with a woodwind midi controller?) I have to say go to her web site and see the many aspects of the wonderful artist and human being that she is.


      On this compilation CD there are 2 songs "Saint Nick" and "Lemonade" by Bender. Both recorded and mixed by Jim Gallagher and co-produced by Bender and Jim Gallagher at Mad Ferret Studios. Additional engineering by Jim Cravero.


      This amazing CD was recorded at Turtle Studios by Jim Gallagher and Stephan Rossmeisl. Songs on this CD feature signatures of 17/4 and moving between 2/4 and traditional times. It is always a pleasure and an uplifting experience to work with Jaffna let alone hear their music!

      • Falling in Love #
      • Not Gonna Be Lonely #
      • You Used To Tell Me #
      • Trust In Love ***
      • All Along the Way **
      • Turn It Around +
      • Desire (Slow Version) *
      • Long After Midnight *
      • The Means Don't Matter *
      • Walkin' A Thin, Thin Line *
      • Not Lovers Anymore *
      • Days Go By *
      • December Rain *
      • Desire (Rock Version) *
      • Total Time: 62:56

        All Words by J. P. Gallagher:

        Words and Music by J. P. Gallagher *

        Music by Angela Falco # [Picture]

        Music by Jack Klotz Jr. + [Picture]

        Music by James Imbesi and Dan Levinson **

        Music by J. P. Gallagher and Dan Levinson *** [Picture]

      • All About Love
      • Linger
      • Ready
      • Close To Me
      • Every Day
      • Open Your Eyes
      • Livin’ and Lettin’ Go
      • Safe Harbor
      • There Can Only Be One
      • Every Time I…
      • Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
      • Train Time
      • Since I (Fell in Love with You)
      • Under the Radar (Rejection)
      • Nightfall
      • Angel with a Broken Wing
      • I Need You
      • You Take My Breath Away
      • I Love To Be Near You
      • So Far, So Good
      • Lift Up Your Hearts
      • While the Baby’s Sleeping
      • Behind Closed Doors
      • You Can Run
      • I Go to Pieces
      • Flashing Eyes
      • When Did My World Fall Apart?
      • Winners Take All
      • Giraffes on Horseback Salad
      • Don't Want to Know
      • Bang,Bang
      • Tip on Over
      • Forbidden Innocence
      • Count on You - (by the band Fox Fire)
      • Moon of Fire
      • Saint Nick - (by the band Bender)
      • Lemonade - (by the band Bender)

      • Jaffna


    Newer Poetry




    The Orrery


    The Book


    Saint Lucy's


    Vicki & Rus


    Long Journey

    John Roberts

    Main Stream

    St. Lucy Day School for the Visually-Impaired

    This was the first production undertaken by Pam n' Me Productions. Pam Mammarella [Picture] and I co-produced and co-directed this video documentary about Saint Lucy Day School for the Blind. It was funded by Comcast and prompted by Bill McCann. Bill was a graduate of Saint Lucy's and returned there to speak to the children, inspiring them with success in life. The video documents the fantastic faculty and the amazing strides made every day by visually-impaired students.


    click to Play



    This experimental video was my "horror" movie. It commented on the real horrors that have occurred within the times of our living memory (i.e., during the lifetimes of people alive today)

    Why is most of the worst of it always humanity's crimes against itself?


    click to Play


    Vickie and Rus

    I made this video as a wedding present to my son Rus and his wonderful bride Vickie. It was still photos of the 2 of them growing up put to music by the Beatles that they selected. Here is the last minute so of the quick cut finale. The wedding videographer said to me after it was screened at the rehearsal dinner, “Thanks a lot. How am I supposed to compete with that?”


    click to Play


    Associated Services for the Blind

    This Comcast-funded work was a documentary that showed the many services provided by Associated Services for the Blind (ASB)

    This 27-minute video highlighted the programs and facilities offered by this Philadelphia-based organization. Original music was written, performed and produced by visually-challenged composers and musicians.


    click to Play


    The Long Journey

    This was the 16mm B&W student film I made as an undergraduate. Like most undergraduate work when you look at it today you wish it was a lot better. I based this film on Haiku poetry (Japanese) written by me (American of Irish/Italian descent) acted by a Korean in traditional Korean garb, and narrated by a Chinese student. I shot out door footage at the Japanese house in Fairmount Park and cut to it from indoor shots done at the college. Ah, the fun of filmmaking! This is the in- camera payoff shot and the final credits.


    click to Play


    John Roberts

    I was selected out of all the upper-level students and graduate students to direct, produce and edit this tribute to the man who established the Communications Department at Temple University.

    Luminaries from Temples Deans and upper-level administrators to on-air personalities like Larry Kane, Al Meltzer, and Dick Clark were on tape to sing John Roberts' praises!

    sample64 sample62 sample64


    What more can be said about a man who completes his music degree, does computer training, runs the payroll department of a major oil company, has his own jazz band, married a beautiful musician, has three fantastic kids, and has the most fantastic sense of humor I've ever known? Well, you could mention that he is sightless. Click images for video one & two


    click to Play



    click to Play